Dreamweaver’s Benefits

No wait, here’s just one more for this week, I promise it is the truth!

In this post, I’ll be talking about the benefits of using Adobe Dreamweaver and how that helps us design web pages and templates with ease. I promise this isn’t a paid promotion or advertisement for Adobe, I swear.


Useful to Navigate

Compared to just typing out word after word after word of tags, attributes and so forth on traditional coding programs such as Notepad++, Dreamweaver is quite easy and simple to navigate once you wrap your head around it. You are able to modify and change web pages, templates and so much more on the go, allowing you to see both the code and how the website looks in real-time.

No Need to Backtrack a Lot

Another useful advantage of using Dreamweaver is the fact you can make a template and add things that can stay the same across all pages, without needing to go through and change pages individually. By editing things such as the navigation and footer, such small things can become universal across the entire website and is quite easy to manage, without having to drastically alter every page individually without a template.

Dynamic Web Page Updates in Real-Time

By making many modifications to each web page, you have the ability to see the visual changes reflect what you have just coded in real-time, without worrying about whether or not the changes made to the website will be for better or for worse. Click the “Design” tab and you see a full view of what the website looks, and you will see miniscule changes, such as navigation, content, backgrounds and so forth come into life immediately, in addition to previewing pages on a web browser.


I really honestly promise that’s the last post for this week (unless John or Luise throw another curve-ball web post upon us).

See you next week!

– J. Young


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