One Thing I Learned About Privacy…

Been a long time since I last did one of these, so let’s get right back into it by talking about the one thing I learned about PRIVACY.

While in Dianna’s class on Tuesday, we had some time in between working on assessments due around that time to talk about privacy, which we’ve been learning about as part of another assessment cluster due later this month.

With talks of ISPs potentially being able to sell your private browsing history to anyone who will stump up the cash for it enables a huge hit into your private browsing. Who knows about what you’ve seen or read online? Could your friends, family and employees think differently of you, based on the type of pages you’ve visited? It is important that we need to be very wary of what we do or see on the Internet, because we may never know who could be looking at our browsing history.

Someone could be looking at my page right now, so that’s all for now. I’ll wait a bit of time before I make my next post, so I have the heat drawn off me. Bye for now!


– J. Young


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